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In the world of Wealth Managers, Stock Brokers, Robo-Advisors and Financial Planners, investors are often left wondering which one is right for them, and why?  Each individual, family or business’ situation is different and the goals unique.  So where does Weatherly fit in?  Weatherly would fall into the category of ‘Wealth Manager’ and our goal is to positively influence your financial life through dialog and collaboration.  The more we learn about you, the more we adapt and customize our advice for impact.

The two main pillars of our mutual success are Financial Planning and Investment Management.  Financial Planning is the foundation of our relationship where we learn what makes you tick both personally and professionally.  Those fascinations and desires shape your goals and how you would like your money to work for you.  Armed with this information we can strategize prudent asset allocation, timing of retirement, make estate planning decisions, provide for beneficiaries or charities to name a few.

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Investment Management is the implementation of what we learn through the Financial Planning process.  There is no point trying to fit a square peg through a circular hole, or utilize a ‘cookie cutter’ approach.  We want to make sure your portfolio aligns with your long-term plan with tax and fee efficiency.  This is the stuff that we wake up in the morning for.

In this blog, we explore the diverse personalities and expertise on our team, and how we most enjoy working with clients. While everyone has their core day to day functions in how they help the team, and ultimately you, we will also shed some light on how they contribute in a more non-conventional fashion as well.  Feel free to click on any team member’s name to check out their biography. Welcome to behind the scenes at Weatherly!


The first smiling face you see when walking into the office or joyful voice that greets you over the phone is none other than Yoshi Brownlee. Yoshi plays an integral role at the firm facilitating organizational efficiencies and administrative support for both clients and advisors. She also helps the firm with its philanthropic initiatives by identifying where a need in the community is and organizing the logistics to get the team together to help out.  This can be seen on our Culture and Community page of the website that she helps maintain for us.  One item you can’t quantify is her positive attitude and overall demeanor that keeps the office morale high, even during tax season…



Chrissy is a little more behind the scenes, but her work is definitely felt throughout the entire ecosystem.  Her primary roles include working on client onboarding systems, internal reporting, and automation of workflow.  As you know, we are always trying to make sure we have your most recent tax documents and Chrissy is the one who makes sure that they accurately stored and that we capture any important data such as loss carryforwards so they are utilized for tax efficient investing.  She makes sure to be a team player and will actively look to anticipate needs not just for the office as a whole but her fellow team members.



Sally has been instrumental in leading the push toward creating a more efficient workflow process including the firm-wide adoption of DocuSign and draws upon her educational background to help teach the team and clients new efficiencies in the technology we utilize.  DocuSign has greatly increased execution time on client accounts, led to a more secure form of communication, and is more easily tracked.  She was probably more excited with the amount of paper that we are savings rather than the efficiency created.  Sally is very passionate about sustainability and never misses an opportunity to remind us about the silverware in the cupboard or compliment us when using it.



Ryan’s time and experience here with the firm has allowed him to gain exposure to just about all aspects of the business.  He has fulfilled many roles within the company over the years and is very flexible in his capabilities. You may have had the pleasure of speaking with him if you were moving some accounts over as he has taken on the Transfer of Assets process.  He obtained his CFP® designation last year so make sure to congratulate him on this amazing accomplishment as he sacrificed many weekends to achieve this.



One of Brooke’s many duties is helping clients accomplish their charitable goals, which includes analyzing and helping clients understand which account and position is best suited for gifting along with the taxable implications coming from such gifts.  As some of you may have had the privilege to work with Brooke you will notice she is an incredible teacher and has a way of breaking down material into simplified pieces that are easy to understand.  Her charitable work is a perfect role for her as she also assists with the firm’s initiative to be more involved in the community though philanthropic events such as beach cleanups, Feeding San Diego, and the Susan G. Komen breast cancer walk, which she has personally participated in.  Another congratulations is due for Brooke as she too recently obtained her CFP® designation.



You may know or think of Cole as the money man and is often times the one you speak to when you request some cash as he handles a majority of the firms cashiering requests.  He also ensures that you get your money even when you don’t ask for it by running Required Minimum Distributions or Qualified Charitable Distributions analysis so that you can maximize tax efficiency.  As for professional milestones, he recently  passed Level III of the CFA Program in 2018B03.  Outside of work he has been steadily training for the Orange County Marathon that he completed last week.  This was a huge personal accomplishment for him and now he sets his sights on competing in a triathlon.



Chase is the newbie to the Weatherly team and comes from a nationwide financial planning software company.  He was there for about 5 years and primary dealt with helping advisors model out their strategies and plans for their clients.  He will draw largely on this background as he helps with building and presenting the financial plans here at the firm.  This will be an exciting new perspective to work first hand with both the advisors and clients alike.  He looks forward to officially introducing himself to you all and working side by side in the coming future.



The team here would certainly not be able to run as smoothly as it does if it wasn’t for the resourcefulness of Lindsey.  She wears many hats here including HR, IT, and security, to name a few, all while having a very calm and laid-back attitude, which is hard to fathom with all those responsibilities.  On top of all of these items here in the office she is also a mother of two young beautiful children.  We are certainly thankful for all her efforts here and being able to wear so many different hats. Her capabilities allow us each to focus on our unique expertise with clients and keep client data safe.



Kelli recently passed an amazing milestone and is the newest partner here at the firm.  Outside of meeting with clients, she also helps assist in the marketing effort of the firm.  This consists of helping create our own story here at Weatherly along with listening to you, the client, for new ideas as to what type of educational blog posts we should explore.  She also assists with the firm in staying compliant by updating any related documents or disclosures we have and working with the other partners to develop company strategy.



Brent’s role as partner includes oversight of investment implementation and he prides himself on being able to simplify and synthesize complicated matters into digestible pieces for clients and fellow team members to understand.  He plays an integral role on the investment committee and handles a majority of the firms trading and analysis.   His laid back attitude and sense of humor makes him a joy to work with and somehow he maintains this even when taking care of the newest addition to his family throughout the night.



Candise has been with Weatherly for over 19 years and we’re sure you either know her well or have spoken with her in the past.  She continues to bring a tremendous amount of value through her past experience in the industry and particularly in cases involving estate matters and guiding clients through what can be a difficult process.  Through open dialogue, it sets the stage for all parties involved to feel included and heard regardless off the outcome.  As partner, she is an amazing educator and when answering questions she certainly makes sure you get all the information you were looking for… and even some you didn’t even know you needed!



Where do we begin.  All of the different responsibilities that you have read prior to this are somehow touched and filtered through Carolyn.  Her genuine and empathetic personality allows for her to connect to whoever she is speaking to and regardless of the situation.  She spends most of her time meeting with clients and building relationships but coincides that with developing firm direction and strategy.  It’s remarkable how much she can remember and is always able to ask specific details about how the family is doing or any exciting developments that have occurred.  She continues to lead by example and make sure all clients and team members are looked after and treated with care.

We hope this sheds some light on our team and provides context on what goes on behind the walls at Weatherly.


** The information provided should not be interpreted as a recommendation, no aspects of your individual financial situation were considered. Always consult a financial professional before implementing any strategies derived from the information above.