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Wealth & Estate Planning


Comprehensive financial advice is not complete without discussing wealth and estate planning. Weatherly Asset Management’s team has a high level of experience working with clients on a number of estate issues relating to significant life events or changes in current law. We review and evaluate our clients’ current plans at least annually as part of our “good financial health check-up.”

Wealth Planning

We often start the wealth planning process by creating a detailed financial plan customized for our clients’ current financial scenario and goals.  The financial plan can be viewed as a roadmap outlining where you are today and where you’d like to go.  We review the plan at least annually for accuracy and strategize recommendations based on the plan outcome.  These recommendations can include changing asset allocation, saving more for retirement, budgeting and adjusting spending or more complex wealth transfer strategies if the client will have more than sufficient assets at the end of the plan.


Estate Planning

Weatherly Asset Management engages the majority of our clients in a discussion on estate planning – from the basics of creating a will or trust and power of attorneys (POAs) to gifting and planning for wealth transfer to the next generation.  Our goal is to provide clients with creative solutions that are suited to their needs and tax situation.  We coordinate with our clients’ estate and tax professionals to ensure plans are executed fully and accurately.  We also work with clients through significant life events, like birth, death and divorce and are here to provide guidance on the wealth and estate planning front. 


Trust Services

Weatherly works with National Advisors Trust Company (NATC), a private trust company, to provide independent trust and custodial services to current clients as well as future generations.  More information on NATC can be found here